Consulta de planificación

This is a consultation where a person is contacted who is diagnosed with a disease that, presumably, has a life expectancy of less than one year.

In this consultation, after the assessment, it is decided if home care is done and the steps to be taken until the moment of death. Assistance is channeled into three possible levels:

a)Medical monitoring

b)Spiritual accompaniment

c)Support for volunteering

d)Permanent advice by qualified personnel

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Home care

Services provided:

The assistance support will be proposed, preferably, at home. Depending on the needs, assistance will have several levels:

a) Follow-up by health team, doctor, nurse, psychologist.

b)Spiritual companion


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Attention to admitted patients

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Consultation for the duel

Offered to people who have suffered a loss and who request it.

Responsible: psychological office

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Spiritual accompaniment

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Other hospices