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In spite of the great technological advances in what we call the first world, dying is an inevitable and inescapable fact, no matter how hard we try to delay it by all means.

A group of people from different fields, both health professionals and others with experience in accompanying the process of dying, we have met to give birth to a foundation that aims to accompany people in this phase of their lifetime. It also tries to offer support to those who take care of these people, both in the final phase of the process, as well as after death and in mourning. To this end one of the fundamental objectives is to promote and develop training programs that contribute to improving the care of the dying process, with special emphasis on spiritual accompaniment.

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The main vocation of the foundation is the service to people who are in the process of dying. To fulfill this intention, we deploy different means and make them available to people and their companions (family, friends, professional staff ...)

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